Euro4x4parts imports and distributes 70,000 parts and accessories for all 4x4's to both trade and private individuals. With a vast stock and a particularly acute sense of customer service we rapidly ship every day 400 parcels across over 150 countries worldwide. Beyond the sale of parts, Euro4x4parts is fully involved in the 4x4 community as a whole, supporting many events, teams and long-term travelers. Having a serious approach to business doesn't mean we can't put all our passion into it!

Having known the Morocco Desert Challenge through Jean Claude and Mimi Kaket, we were seduced by the sheer power of this event. Grown naturally and not simply through a massive advertising budget, the rally is characterized by the particularly convivial aura that reigns without impinging on the professionalism of the organization. Our meeting with Gert Duson at the Valloire 2017 show did the rest: Euro4x4parts is proud and happy to be providing logistical support to MDC since 2018!

Fran├žoise Hollender, co-founder and head of marketing at Euro4x4parts

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