QFF with 22 SSVs at the start of the TDC

Registrations for the Tunisia Desert Challenge in April are still rolling in. This week the QFF team from the Netherlands registered another 10 extra SSVs, making them the largest assistance team of the rally.

QFF from Eersel in the Netherlands is no stranger for our organisation. Their first participation dates back to 2014 when owner Wil Theuws started as a participant in what was then still the Libya Rally. Since then their growing team has been present in every edition. "In 2014 we were one of the first participants with an SSV," says Wil. "The next year you bring a customer, and a year later a few more. And so it gradually grows. Now, with a crew of about 30 people, we provide assistance for no fewer than 17 SSVs. Additionally, we also provide technical support to 5 teams that bring their own assistance."

A team of that size requires a good organization. "We offer our customers a full service. Not only do we provide technical assistance and maintenance after each stage, but we also have a fast assistance car in the race and we are always present at the fuel point halfway through the stage," explains Wil. "Our customers don't have to worry about anything. When they arrive at the bivouac in the evening, a cold drink and a ready-made bed are waiting for them. In the standard service, this is in a large bivouac tent with all the comforts. If you want it even more luxurious, then you can stay in one of our air-conditioned hotel trucks."

When asked why QFF is at the start of the Tunisia Desert Challenge with so many cars, Wil can be brief: "It is a proven concept that combines high-quality competition with a good dose of fun, good food and top sanitary facilities in the bivouac. The competition itself is definitely Dakar-worthy.  It may be an amateur rally, but one of an exceptionally high level. And then there's the bivouac. We do a lot of rally events with QFF and the bivouac can sometimes be very boring. But that's what makes the TDC and MDC so nice: that nice cold beer in the evening at the bar."

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