MDC postponed, TDC end of April

Today we are at a crucial point. Our own deadline, 3 months before the MDC, has passed and decisions have to be made in view of the event in April. Organizing the second largest rally-raid in the world is not something you can do in a few weeks, especially if you have to build several bivouacs, have a 250 crew and bring together 1500 people of 40 nationalities.

Our beautiful host country Morocco is still locked, making practical preparations, both from a sportive as from a logistical point of view impossible. Big events and gatherings are stricktly forbidden in Morocco and today nobody knows when this will change. We respect the country's decision in its attempt to control the pandemic and hope to be back after the summer.

With the aim not to disappoint our many registered participants and to offer them a beautiful race this spring, we will transfer registrations (for those who want) to the Tunisia Desert Challenge 2022 which will be held at the end of April.

Take care everybody. Things will get better soon!

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