Desert Foxx: service with a capital ‘S’

Participating in a Rallye-Raid can be done in many ways: as a malle moto rider who takes care of everything from setting up the tent, the administration, the preparation of the road book to the maintenance and repairs of the vehicle. And then you haven't even driven one single metre.

Or you can make it a pleasant 2 weeks with friends and bring your own assistance van. The pilots can then concentrate on driving and the road book, while the team in the bivouac takes care of the cold beers and the maintenance of the vehicles.

A third option is to participate with the support of a professional assistance team. At the Tunisia Desert Challenge there are a number of service teams and Desert Foxx is by far the biggest. This autumn they will make the trip to Tunisia with no less than 5 assistance trucks (of which 1 fast assistance on the course), 1 assistance car and a crew of 23 drivers, mechanics and other support crew.

Professional crew

"When you choose Desert Foxx as your service ream for the Tunisia Desert, you choose a certain form of comfort", says Wouter Tyberghien, owner, team manager and chief mechanics at Desert Foxx. "We do not only take care of the insured transport of the vehicles there and back, but we also take care of all the technical support during the rally. This means that each customer will have two full-time mechanics at their disposal who will deal solely with their vehicle."

The service team not only consists of a well-trained crew of mechanics, they also bring a fully equipped workshop with all possible tools. "Our service trucks are prepared for all situations and repairs, from spare parts to welding equipment to weld aluminium" explains Wouter. "In addition, this year we also have a fast assistance truck on the race course to carry out the necessary repairs on the spot in case of a crash or breakdown."


As a customer at Desert Foxx you will not only get technical support, the service team also pays a lot of attention to comfort. "We offer our customers a 'convenience pack'", says Wouter, "Rallye-Raid with a certain form of comfort. This means that every participant is immediately welcomed with a snack and a drink upon arrival at the bivouac. "The kitchen in the bivouac is not always open when our customers arrive after a long day on the track. Therefore, it is important for us to be able to offer them something to eat. Moreover, we work with an open bar system", adds Wouter. "Our bar is always availabe! And you can get everything from soft drinks to champagne and gin-tonics, with ice!"

You don't have to worry about the practicalities either. "Each participant gets a fully equipped tent of 2x2x2m, with a bed, table, lamp and electricity. This tent is ready for you when you arrive at the bivouac, together with your luggage. No dragging around with travel bags after a long day. All you have to do is roll out your sleeping bag.” New this year is the private container with a sanitary unit.

Desert Foxx started as a specialised builder of 4x4 vehicles for expeditions, overland travel and rallye-raid. Meanwhile, they have been offering professional assistance at numerous rallies for the past 8 years. "We offer our customers professional technical support during the rally. We are not just a group of friends, this is our profession and quality comes first", says Wouter.

Interested in the professional support of an assistance team? Desert Foxx still has room for 2 extra teams. For more information you can contact Wouter or Sigi.

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